Blobel Laboratory



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The Blobel Lab bridges molecular biology, biochemistry, 3C-based technologies, single molecule tracking, and epigenomics to better understand the mechanisms and nuclear architecture of epigenetic memory and genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression.

The lab team examines how genetic regulatory elements are organized spatially within the nucleus and how transcription programs are epigenetically transmitted through mitosis to maintain lineage identity.

Another major focus of the lab is the developmental regulation of the beta-globin locus and its associated diseases, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

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Gerd Blobel

Gerd Blobel, MD, PhD

Dr. Blobel investigates the fundamental mechanisms involving transcription factors, chromatin regulators, and higher order chromatin. He is gearing his basic science discoveries towards genetic and epigenetic treatment modalities. In addition, Dr. Blobel is interested in mechanism of epigenetic memory.