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A New Era of Research

Our research teams solve the most challenging problems in children’s health. How do we make these breakthroughs? Our scientific community thrives on collaboration from bench to bedside that leads to effective therapies, medical devices, and treatment techniques. When we have an important pediatric research question to answer, our lab investigators produce novel understanding about basic life processes, and our physician-scientists use these insights to inform patients’ clinical experiences. We align that expertise with our first-of-its-kind multidimensional data collection. The result is unparalleled knowledge creation. From laboratory discoveries like personalized cellular immunotherapy treating childhood cancer, to the development of new vaccines preventing disease globally, to establishing public polices improving children’s safety, our work is transforming our patients’ and their families’ lives.

Cornerstone Blog
We found a mechanism that prevents ribosomes from assembling properly in mammals, leading to stem cell defects, which could potentially be exploited in future therapeutic interventions.

- Wei Tong, PhD
Cornerstone Blog
Laura Prosser, PT, PhD, is leading the first longitudinal study of locomotor learning in infants who are at high risk for cerebral palsy.