Blobel Laboratory Research Overview



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The Blobel lab studies fundamental mechanisms of gene regulation and epigenetics, spanning basic science to preclinical studies on blood diseases. Critical questions/topics that the team investigates include:

  • How are genes and their regulatory elements spatially organized within the nucleus, and how does the 3D organization of the genome impact gene transcription and vice versa?
  • How are gene expression programs epigenetically transmitted through cell division to maintain lineage identity and how is the intricate genome organization faithfully rebuilt in daughter cell nuclei after every cell division.
  • Another main focus of research in the Blobel lab is directed towards the beta-globin gene cluster and its associated diseases, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia. In particular, the lab is pursuing a range of strategies to better understand the mechanisms of developmental control of the globin genes, and to alter their expression profiles with the goal to ameliorate these diseases. This includes epigenetic approaches and drug target discovery.