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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a leading site in the U.S. for world-changing pediatric clinical studies. We have a robust portfolio of active clinical research working with diverse patient populations across a variety of study types and fields. Comprehensive administrative research support ensures researchers at all levels perform highly productive, cost-effective studies that prioritize the patient-family experience. With the help of patients and healthy control participants, we’re finding answers to common, complex conditions and the rarest pediatric diseases. Check out our Research Discovery Finder for more information.

  • CHOP Research Institute is one of the nation’s largest recipients of National Institutes of Health funding made available to pediatric hospitals.
  • Annually, CHOP Research Institute has between 2,500 and 2,600 investigator-initiated, industry- and federally-sponsored, and foundation-supported IRB active protocols.
  • CHOP developed the first two FDA-approved gene therapies. Currently, more than two dozen cell and gene therapy trials are enrolling patients at CHOP.

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There are cancer survivors out there who don’t realize the need for survivorship care or don’t realize there is help and resources available to give them access to that.

– Lisa A. Schwartz, PhD