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Wiki.CHOP Support


Providing support for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's wiki collaborative environment, powered by Atlassian Confluence. Purposefully designed and deployed for maximum ease of use and end user control, no training is necessary. Wiki.CHOP Administrators are ready to assist you and your team get up and running.

See Wiki.CHOP application for more information.

The wiki as used here at CHOP represents expansion of a collaborative environment first developed by Research Information Services in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHI) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Wikis are designed to allow you and your team to collaborate, internal and external, and share knowledge with complete control over access. Typical uses of Wiki.CHOP is as a Center, Lab, or Department work group, to track project work and develop documentation.

To grant access to external collaborators access to Wiki.CHOP, submit a Non-Traditional Personnel Registration Request to begin the onboarding process.

In order to create a new space in Wiki.CHOP, we'll need the following information: 

  • Space Owner: (Must be PI or Director level. They are responsible for all content within the space.) 
  • Space Administrators: (These are the power users who will control access permissions for your space users. As well as add new functionality.) 
  • Space Name: (Usually the name of the study, department, or lab.) 
  • Space Users: (A list of initial space users.) 

Please include full names and the CHOP emails of all initial space users. You will be able to add users as needed once the space is set up.

Here are the rules of the road for Wiki spaces:

  1. The Space Owner is responsible for all content posted on his/her space, inclusive of all textual pages, comment fields, uploaded files and attachments, and any other category of content supported by the Confluence technology. 
  2. It is the Space Owner's responsibility to ensure that individuals or groups are assigned appropriate edit and/or view permissions at the space level and for each of the pages residing within his/her space. 
  3. The Space Owner will receive weekly email summaries of changes that have been made to the space. 
  4. The Space Owner must ensure that protected health information (PHI) is never posted on their space. 
  5. The Space Owner must ensure that employee information is only distributed for the purposes of conducting Hospital business and is only viewable for individuals participating in that business. 
  6. The Space Owner must periodically review the content posted on his/her space for inappropriate and/or non-compliant materials and notify the Compliance office when such material is found. 
  7. The Space Owner must seek approval from the Office of Technology Transfer before any proprietary information is shared with individuals who are not employees of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 
  8. The Space Owner may assign one or more Space Administrators to coordinate the daily activities and administration within their space. The Space Administrators will be assigned all permissions assigned to the Space Owner. 
  9. While the Space Administrators assumes the daily administrative duties of the space, he/she does not assume the responsibility of Space Ownership.