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The Office of Faculty Development organizes institute-wide events that promote professional growth, collaboration, and networking within our research community.

CHOP Research Institute Seminar Series

The Research Institute Seminar Series is designed as an opportunity to share ideas, create collaborations, build community, and recognize achievement within the Research Institute. This is accomplished through monthly presentations by CHOP faculty, giving investigators an opportunity to highlight research currently taking place at CHOP and encouraging internal collaboration.

This series, formerly known as CHOP Research Faculty Luncheon, was rebranded in 2021 as a direct result of faculty input to better reflect the scope and goals of the series as the premier lecture series for the Research Institute. Speakers are selected by the Office of Faculty Development Advisory Group and the Chief Scientific Strategy Officer, Beverly Davidson, PhD. If you would like to make a speaker recommendation, please e-mail [email protected]. Selections are made 6-12 months in advance.

The seminar series is open to the broader CHOP community. View previous speakers.

CHOP Research Institute Scientific Symposium

The Scientific Symposium is a platform for researchers to share their advancements and innovative breakthroughs in research within the scope of a specified annual theme. In conjunction with CHOP Research Poster Day, the Research Institute Scientific Symposium is one of the largest community-building events that celebrate all things research.

Join us at this year's Poster Day and Scientific Symposium, held on April 30th and May 1st, to celebrate the theme "Neuroscience 2024: Mechanisms and Emerging Therapies for Brain Disorders of Childhood." Submit your poster abstracts and be considered for the Science Slam competition, where you can present your research and win a monetary prize. Network with peers, learn about cutting-edge research, and celebrate the contributions of our community to pediatric science and clinical care. All CHOP and Penn community members are welcome. Mark your calendars!


Leadership Essentials for Early-Career PIs (LEEP)

LEEP prepares new research faculty leaders to connect with their staff, embrace decision-making, and lead their teams with intention. Through a cohort experience, LEEP facilitates networking among new research-focused faculty, helping them build diverse support groups outside of their immediate roles.

To engage various types of adult learners, we use didactic content, panel discussions, small group discussions, cohort-driven read and report-out sessions, learn-then-do activities, and practice models in 3-hour sessions. Between sessions, Journal Clubs meet to complete pre-reading and discuss key points, preparing participants for the upcoming session.

LEEP is offered biennially by the Research Institute Office of Faculty Development.

New Faculty Welcome Sessions

The Office of Faculty Development offers all incoming clinician-educator, research, and tenure-track CHOP faculty a small group, in-person welcome session that provides information and materials pertinent to their research endeavors, including:

  • Navigating CHOP Research Institute offices and resources
  • Services, programming and resources available to support your career advancement
  • Connection to resources available through the University of Pennsylvania
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities and tools
  • Support in grant development

These sessions are offered twice annually.