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All studies with any type of funding will have a Workday number (formerly called Lawson number). A Workday number is a unique internal identifier supplied by Specialized Accounting to facilitate the charging and management of a research grant. This allows charges to be applied to the study account. A Workday number will not be released until the study contract and budget have been approved and fully executed.

To Obtain a Workday Number

  • For funded studies, the Workday number will be assigned in OnCore as Hospital Account number (under Management tab) by Specialized Accounting. The Workday number will also populate in the eSPA record created by CRCA via the backfill process. Contact your Contracts Associate regarding any delays with the creation of the eSPA record following execution of the agreement.
  • For all other studies you will have to contact the RBA as the Workday number will be assigned as Funding Proposal number in eSPA by Specialized Accounting.

It is the responsibility of the study team to make sure they have obtained and are keeping record of their Workday number before starting a study.

For questions regarding Workday numbers for Federal Studies, please contact your RBA. For questions regarding Workday numbers for Industry Studies, please contact your Contract Analyst.

Workday is the Human Resources, Payroll, Supply Chain, and Financial Management system.

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System of record for all sponsored proposals.