Participant Research Cards (PRC)



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The Participant Research Cards (PRC) Program is an optional program that allows research teams to provide reloadable bank cards in lieu of checks, petty cash or gift cards to subjects who are participating in research studies at CHOP that have IRB approval for compensation and/or reimbursements.

You can order the cards by completing the online request form. Please allow 2-3 business days for the request to be processed. Once the request has been processed, you will receive a response with a pickup time and location.

As part of the processing, you will also be given access to the study in the Clincard system. You can also submit a request for your login access to the Greenphire Clincard system by contacting [email protected].

Study sponsors may have their own reimbursement plans or may contract a third-party company to assist with travel and reimbursement. Talk to your study monitor before ordering the PRC cards through CHOP.

Questions? Please contact the PRC team at [email protected] for more information, guidelines and SOPs on the Program.

Rules and Requirements

Please note that the PRC Program have additional rules and requirements:

  • Only study team members listed as study staff in the Study Personnel section in eIRB will be given access to the study in Clincard.
  • The PRC Program has tax implications for participants who receive $600 or more in compensation for their participation in a study at CHOP. Study teams are expected to collect W9 form for participants who receive a cumulative total of $600 or more per calendar year (does not include travel, hotel or meal reimbursements) and submit the forms directly to CHOP Accounts Payable for 1099 processing. Email the W9 copy to Lisa Schule via [email protected] and then properly destroy the hardcopy.
  • You are required to disclose in the Consent Forms that by using the program, the bank and Greenphire vendor will have access to user's demographic information. Personal information such as name, address, phone number and DOB are required fields in the Clincard system.
  • The cards also have associated bank and service fees such as ATM Cash Withdrawal fees and a Monthly Maintenance Fee if the card is not used for 6 months.

CTFM provides research participants with compensation and/or reimbursement.