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eSPA (electronic Sponsored Projects Administration) is the module within Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's eResearch platform that has been built for the development, submission, approval, management, and closeout of sponsored research awards. The goal is to make proposal submission more efficient and to provide effective, transparent project management.

eSPA will streamline many of your proposal preparation and project management tasks, including:

  • Proposal notification to Pre-Award Research Administration
  • Retention of documents and project communications
  • S2S (System-to-System) submission of most NIH applications
  • Automatic email reminders (Notifications) of upcoming due dates
  • Management of progress reports and modifications.
  • Management of subawards

The Pre-Award Research Administration holds occasional training and demonstration sessions of eSPA on an ongoing basis, or contact your SPO for a one-on-one overview. We encourage all research staff involved in the grants process to become familiar with eSPA.  In addition, User Guides have been created as reference documents for working within eSPA.

Request Access to this module in eResearch

In order to access this module:

  • You must have an Active Directory (AD) account at CHOP
  • You must first request access to eResearch

Once your request is approved, you can access any of the eResearch modules.

eResearch access grants access to all eResearch modules (eIRB, eSPA, etc).

The Pre-Award Office uses eSPA as the system of record for all sponsored proposals.

Information on the eSPA Fundamentals course and link to course material.

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