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The Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) conducts and supports biomedical research by developing informatics faculty and staff, applications, methods, strategies, and solutions.

  • Clinical practitioners, principal investigators, clinical database specialists, and information analysts harness the power of health data to optimize workflow, improve processes, and support clinical decision-making.
  • Data scientists, integration analysts, and programmers develop novel tools for data-intensive biomedical research through data modeling, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and machine learning.
  • Bioinformatics scientists and computational biologists analyze genomic sequence, expression, microbiome, proteomic, molecular pathway, and other high dimensional data to associate molecules with phenotype.

As the home of CHOP's Clinical Informatics Fellowship, a two-year program that offers a unique experience-based curriculum, DBHi prepares fellows for certification in the clinical informatics subspecialty and equips them to be practicing informaticians, leaders, and innovators.

Additionally, DBHi hosts a monthly speaker series and multiple symposia on relevant topics in the field of informatics, including healthcare, clinical, nursing, translational research, and bioinformatics. DBHi also offers continuing medical education and Maintenance of Certification for board-certified clinical informaticians.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have regarding DBHi.


Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) membership is achieved through the following mechanisms:

  • Hire or formal transfer into DBHi (includes DBHi administrative support)
    • Staff: Direct reporting relationship to a DBHi-based supervisor
    • Faculty: DBHi-initiated faculty appointment
  • Determination of DBHi Leadership Committee
    • Membership application is required
    • Three-year renewal is required
    • Twenty-four hours of service per year is requested for DBHi activities

Demonstrate commitment to the DBHi mission and vision and contribute to DBHi-based research portfolio, capabilities, and departmental success by:

  • Pursuing scholarly activities to advance the science of informatics
  • Applying for informatics-based grants as principal investigator with preferential inclusion of DBHi staff and faculty where appropriate
  • Promoting DBHi research activities through multiple informatics-focused manuscripts, presentations, panels, posters. etc. where DBHi is listed as an affiliation
  • Promoting DBHi research activities externally by serving on informatics-focused panels, committees, etc. using DBHi as an affiliation
  • Demonstrating progressive track record of productivity in one or more areas of DBHi mission
  • Mentoring and counseling junior members such as students, staff, and junior faculty
  • Periodic recruiting of informatics speakers for DBHi educational events
  • Continuing training within the informatics discipline in both “hard” (i.e., informatics subspecialty, informatics-related secondary degrees) and “soft” (i.e., DBHi seminar and symposium attendance) training mechanisms
  • Periodically participating in DBHi faculty and staff recruitment activities
  • Participating in departmental strategic assessments, leadership activities, etc.
  • Teaching in informatics section (encouraged)
  • Office and research space within DBHi suite as space permits
    • Badge access to DBHi spaces
    • Assigned space for members with direct reporting relationship
  • Collaborative access to high volume/performance computational resources and department-backed cloud instances
  • Tangible acknowledgment of informatics professional development through affiliation and departmental growth
  • Contribution to ongoing DBHi strategic planning through participation in committee meetings, review of organizational documents, proposal or review of new initiatives
  • Opportunity to participate in faculty recruitment search committees
  • Opportunity to participate in scientific review activities such as pilot project proposals, manuscripts, etc.
  • Preferential letters of support for principal investigator activities
  • Opportunity to engage in consultative and collaborative work with expert staff for clinical, translational, and bioinformatics research
  • Publicity of informatics-related successes, manuscripts, faculty seminars, etc.
  • Informatics educational event production, including pre- and post-production including video production and posting on YouTube
  • Facilitation of informatics-related commercialization activities and press interviews
  • Access to informatics department career ladders and job descriptions

Please submit the following to Mark Porter, director of DBHi Operations, for consideration as a member of the DBHi. Once received, the DBHi Leadership Committee will review the application at its next monthly meeting and inform you of the decision by letter.

  • Updated CV/Biosketch
  • Letter describing the following:
    • Your informatics research interests
    • Any informatics teaching or mentorship activities
    • Any informatics service work