Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics


The Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) explores how technology can impact both scientific research and patient care. DBHi's talented team of data scientists, programmers, and bioinformatics scientists combines both technological and scientific expertise to transform research and clinical data into innovative solutions that directly impact patient outcomes. Additionally, DBHi provides an academic home for all research informatics activities, including the development and deployment of intellectual, technical, and educational resources in biomedical computing along with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ACGME-accredited Clinical Informatics Fellowship program.

DBHi consists of more than 125 faculty and staff members spanning all areas of health informatics:

  • Clinical practitioners, principal investigators, clinical database specialists, and information analysts harness the power of health, data to optimize workflow, improve processes, and support clinical decision-making.
  • Data scientists, integration analysts, and programmers develop novel tools for data-intensive biomedical research through data modeling, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and machine learning.
  • Bioinformatics scientists and computational biologists analyze genomic sequence, expression, microbiome, proteomic, molecular pathway, and other high dimensional data to associate molecules with phenotype.

As the home of CHOP's Clinical Informatics Fellowship, a two-year program that offers a unique experience-based curriculum, DBHi prepares fellows for certification in the clinical informatics subspecialty and equips them to be practicing informaticians, leaders, and innovators. Additionally, DBHi hosts a monthly speaker series and multiple symposia on relevant topics in the field of informatics, including healthcare, clinical, nursing, translational, and bioinformatics. DBHi also offers continuing medical education and Maintenance of Certification for board certified clinical informaticians.