Center for Autism Research



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Center for Autism Research (CAR) is based at  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, with research and collaborations spanning CHOP, the University of Pennsylvania, and other academic institutions nationally and internationally. Our three-part mission is to understand the causes of autism, in order to develop effective interventions and supports through research; to serve the needs of autistic individuals and their family members through education and guidance throughout the lifespan; and to train the next generation of master clinicians and scientists in state-of-the-science best practices for autism screening, diagnosis, and treatment.


Robert T. Schultz

Robert T. Schultz, PhD

Director, Center for Autism Research
Dr. Schultz's research involves using magnetic resonance imaging to understand brain mechanisms and to create biomarkers that predict who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who will develop the disorder, and who will respond well to different interventions. More recently, he has developed a technology and innovation lab to exploit advances in perceptual computing, in order to develop more robust measurements of quantitative traits.

Cornerstone Blog
Research team works to show executive function and self-determination skills are critical for improving daily living activities among autistic youth transitioning to adulthood.