Pathology Core Tools and Fees



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Special Stains

  • Leica Biosystems: information on our BOND autostainer as well as microscopy and imaging hardware
  • Aperio: download a copy of the image scope software to view your virtual slides
  • ISNET: for more information on our Gallileo CK3500 tissue arrayer
  • Stanford Labs: software tools for TMA analysis
  • DAKO: Immunohistochemistry supplies, autostainers, reagents, antibodies
  • ThermoFisher: histology instrumentation and supplies
  • Indica Labs: Halo viewer and image analysis solutions for whole-slide analysis
  • Visiopharm: image analysis solutions for whole-slide analysis
  • Dolbey-Jamison: histology equipment service and repair
  • I. Miller Microscopes: microscope and camera sales and service


  • Fee Schedule
  • Penn BenBuys information:
    Phila 200
    Site 49513
    Children's Hosp. of Philadelphia