Training and career development for scientists and physician-scientists is an integral element of the mission of Children's Hospital. It is through in-depth, “hands on” training that the Hospital develops the next generation of investigators by exposing them to the highest scientific principles, new research techniques and the nearly limitless opportunities for clinical and laboratory research.

Federal or private grants fortify the Hospital's internal training and awards programs while offering additional opportunities for experience and training in specific areas relevant to advancing pediatric health care research.

Children's Hospital is the recipient of highly competitive awards from the National Institutes of Health, some of which are training grants for doctoral students, postdoctoral and medical subspecialty fellows or career development awards directed toward new faculty members.

The Hospital's training grants provide mentored research training as well as formal coursework, a core curriculum and training in responsible research conduct. They focus on both general and disease-specific areas of investigation related to pediatric healthcare research and include programs in arteriosclerosis, cardiology, career development, diabetes, fetal biology and therapy, hematology, neurodevelopmental disorders and stroke, and training pediatric physician-scientists. For more information, please review the full list of institutional training grants held by Children’s Hospital.

Fellows selected for participation in training grants are expected to essentially devote themselves full-time to research training, which generally last 2 to 3 years. Hospital trainees may also receive support from the numerous training grants awarded to the University of Pennsylvania, thus expanding an already rich and diverse training environment.