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Weekly updates will include the number of COVID-19 cases and outcomes in this population of patients, demographics, medical history, COVID-19 disease severity, symptoms, and locations.

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Cases Reported 55.00

Average Age 14.36

Standard Deviation 9.15

Median Age 12.00

Positive COVID Diagnosis by Age and Sex


Race Distribution

Home Medication Use

Number of Patients Hospitalized due to COVID, by Age

Number of Patients Admitted to ICU due to COVID, by Age


VA Co-Morbidities

Other Co-Morbidities

Was the medication currently used to treat the Vascular Anomaly (e.g., Sirolimus, Everolimus, chemotherapy, mekenist or other) withheld at the time of diagnosis?

Did VA lesion get worse? “ Did patient have worsened VA disease at the time of COVID-19?

State of Residence Count (USA)

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Other Locations

United Kingdom 1
Italy 2
Columbia 3
Unknown (U.S.) 4