IDDRC Clinical Translational Core Team



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Benjamin Yerys

Benjamin Yerys, PhD

Director, PASSAGE Program, Center for Autism Research

Research by Dr. Yerys focuses on the development of cognitive and neural mechanisms that support adaptive behavior in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.


Our Team

Whitney Guthrie, PhD
Sub-core 1 Director

Nathan Blum, MD
Sub-core 1 Co-Director

Emily LaSasso, BA
Research Recruitment Coordinator

Jesse Dudley, MIS
EHR Analyst

Susannah Reimer, MSW, LCSW
Director of Outreach Services

Juhi Pandey, PhD
Sub-core 2 Director

Kai Wang, PhD
Computational Phenotyping Consultation

Birkan Tunc, PhD
Computational Scientist

Julia Parish-Morris, PhD
Developmental Psychologist, Computational Linguistics

Jennifer Swope, MS, CCRP
Clinical Research Regulatory Specialist

Keith Bartley, MS
Data Scientist, Digital Phenotyping

Benjamin Yerys, PhD
Sub-core 3 Director

Leila Bateman, BA
Supervising Data Analyst and Manager