About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion



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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is committed to attracting, training, developing, advancing, and retaining diverse talent. We strive to support a representative workforce across various diversity dimensions including but not limited to race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender and gender identity, and disability status. To move this commitment forward, we have developed the Research Institute DEI Action Plan (login required) geared toward enhancing diversity efforts, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, and ensuring accessibility and equity. We continue to work to create a research community in which all members feel valued and respected.

Overarching Themes of Research Institute Action Plan

  • Ensure DEI within Clinical Research and Community Partnerships
  • Assess the Research Institute DEI landscape
  • Promote a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Build a diverse STEM workforce
  • Invest in student/trainee programs
  • Develop a culture of inclusive mentoring across the CHOP's Research Institute
  • Evaluate the implementation, progress, and refinement of the Action Plan

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

The CHOP Research Institute DEI Council guides and supports the implementation of the Research Institute's Diversity Action Plan (login required). The DEI Council oversees diversity initiatives at the Research Institute, assesses the current Action Plan and oversees the completion of the affiliated tasks. The council serves as a guiding body for the working groups engaged in accomplishing Action Plan-related tasks. Additionally, the council works to create synergies with other DEI efforts at CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania.

CHOP Building Excellence in STEM Together Program

The CHOP BEST Program (login required) is a funding opportunity established in 2021 to support events, projects, or programs that have the potential to enhance diversity, promote equity, and foster inclusion in STEM across the Research Institute and among trainees, faculty, staff, administrators, and the surrounding community. The grants provide resources, with a preference for projects with the most significant potential for impact. Proposals are required to be in alignment with the Research Institute's commitment to diversity (login required) and the associated action plan (login required).