Building Community



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Diverse teams tend to be more innovative. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we can continue to make breakthroughs that will improve the lives of children around the world. Some of our initiatives and activities supporting these goals include:

Employee Resource Group (login required) members provide each other with an enhanced sense of belonging through mentoring, volunteerism, and community involvement.

Immigration Community Ambassadors (login required) have gone through a visa and/or permanent residency process with CHOP and can serve as a resource and sound board.

Clinical Affinity Groups (login required), comprised of three physician-led affinity groups, are committed to creating a diverse physician workforce that affords the best and most culturally competent care to the patients and families of CHOP.

  • Multicultural Physicians' Alliance
  • Alliance of Minority Physicians
  • Providers of Pride

Postdoc Communities

The Research Institute provides support for successful navigation of our postdocs and their transition to the next career stage.