CHPS Study Design and Biostatistics Core



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The Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS) Study Design and Biostatistics Core supports clinical research by providing guidance during the planning and implementation phases of projects using CHPS services. The core provides analytic services related to study design, sample size estimation, and statistical analysis planning and implementation, as well as production of statistical reports and pertinent graphical displays.

Considering collaborating with the CHPS Study Design and Biostatistics Core for your study?

  • Investigators are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposed project with the Core Director prior to submitting a proposal to CHPS.
  • Official requests for CHPS Cores are submitted through eResearch with the eCHPS application.
  • Studies must receive both IRB and CHPS approval before Core services can be utilized.
  • All studies must be fully signed-off and in the status of released/open to accrual in OnCore before registering or scheduling subjects for CHPS visits.
  • A start-up with the Core is required before any study participants can be seen.

Reach out with your study protocol to:

  • Abbas Jawad, PhD, Core Director, to discuss which services best meet your study protocol needs
  • John Krall, CHPS Administrative Director, for pricing and budget information.