Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies



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For more than a decade, the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) has enhanced research, product development, and educational efforts to improve child safety. CChIPS is a unique partnership with research sites at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and The Ohio State University (Co-principal investigator John Bolte IV, PhD).

The Center is made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation, as well as sponsorships from its Industry Advisory Board comprised of leaders in industry, small business, nonprofits, and agencies who engage in and value innovative scientific research and development to further child safety. Scientific advances made by CChIPS investigators have led to commercial opportunities for the Center's industry members.

As automotive design and our understanding of consumer behavior become increasingly complex, CChIPS has completed more than 160 projects across the Center's five-domain research agenda: dummy biofidelity, vehicle restraint performance, child restraint design and performance, consumer/driver behavior, crash avoidance, and autonomous vehicles.

Research Project Highlights:

The Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies' research portfolio is continually evolving to address current challenges and emerging issues in child injury prevention, as guided by science and Industry Advisory Board members. The scope of CChIPS research projects include:

  • injury biomechanics, mechanisms, and tolerance
  • technological solutions (design, development, and testing)
  • how humans interact with and behave in relation to safety technology
  • safety promotion and education
  • evaluation of safety devices and behavior modification programs.