Cell and Gene Therapy Collaborative Research Overview



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The Cell and Gene Therapy Collaborative (CGTC) aims to significantly increase the number of potential new pediatric cell and gene therapies that are the product of CHOP-led research, and to accelerate the pace of clinical development in order to provide new therapies to children. The CGTC supports two grant programs:

  • Cell and Gene Therapy Seed Grants are designed to promote early stage development of new ideas in either the engineered cell therapy or gene therapy space, with the ultimate goal of achieving preclinical proof of concept by the end of the grant period.
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Acceleration Grants are designed to support progress in later-stage preclinical programs to advance towards first-in-human testing of new therapies in either the engineered cell therapy or gene therapy space.

Individuals based at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with faculty appointments at the University of Pennsylvania are eligible to apply. For general questions, please contact Stephen McIlhenny. For questions about application submission, please contact Robert DeNight.