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Relocation Services


The Research Resources Department is responsible for planning and coordinating the relocation of research programs and employees to, from and within the Research Institute.  Also we can provide assistance with your lab expansion or contraction.   Our services include:

Incoming Research Programs and Employees:

  • Scheduling equipment arrival with the moving company at the institution's loading dock
  • Managing the delivery of equipment from the loading dock to designated lab space
  • Ensuring the proper management of large laboratory equipment and sensitive equipment during movement

The Research Resources Department provides a number of other services that will aid in the set up of your laboratory space. You may also wish to consider the following as you move your research program to the Research Institute:

Outgoing Research Programs:

  • Coordinates efforts with moving companies
  • Assists in determining what equipment can leave the institution
  • Manages the transport of large instruments and equipment to the loading dock
  • Connects faculty with Radiation Safety, Research Safety and other relevant departments that must be made aware of departures

Research Programs and Employees Moving Within the Institution:

  • Coordinates all moves within the institution for research programs and staff

Please contact Research Resources directly to plan your upcoming move within the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.