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Property Transfer


All equipment scheduled to leave CHOP must have the appropriate documentation prior to being taken from Hospital grounds.

In general, property transfers must be completed for any piece of equipment, furniture, computer or other property that will be removed from CHOP grounds or transferred to a new owner. This is true in every circumstance, including:

  • Taking equipment from CHOP to bring to a new work location
  • Lending items to a collaborator
  • Bringing home out-of-date or unused items (with proper approval) from the CHOP campus
  • Borrowing items (including laptop computers and the like) that are specifically owned by CHOP
  • Moving items to a repair service location
  • Transferring ownership of an item within the CHOP campus

You must complete a Property Transfer Form prior to moving/borrowing/lending/transferring ownership of any piece of equipment at CHOP. The Property Transfer (Package/Property Pass) Form can also be found in the administrative area of Abramson Research Center (first floor).

Note that multiple copies of this form must be completed and submitted - one to the Department Head/Administrator (at the Research Institute, this individual is the Vice President of Research Administration) and two to the Security Department.

Please plan in advance to insure that you are able to receive the proper approval signatures for your property transfer.

DL-ResearchResources [at] (Request Property Transfer)