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Negotiating Prime Vendor Agreements

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Supply Chain Contracting Team will assess the customer needs and determine which Agreement type would best govern business with a particular Supplier.

Depending on the products being purchased, the services being rendered, or the transfer of data such as PHI (Patient Health Information), Contracting will implement the appropriate legally binding Agreements to protect CHOP and the Supplier. 

Types of Agreements: 

  • Statement Of Work (SOW): Identifies what a contractor is to accomplish.
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA): Contract between parties in which terms and conditions are agreed upon and will govern future transactions or future agreements.
  • Work For Hire (WFH): Used when a person or company is being hired to do work subject to copyright (e.g., hiring a Videographer or Artist). If a work is "made for hire", the employer—not the employee—is considered the legal author and owns the rights to the body of work.
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA): The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires CHOP to identify Business Associates and execute a BAA to protect Patient Information. A Business Associate is an outside person or entity that creates, receives, maintains or transmits Patient Information on behalf of CHOP.