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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with a email address can view a Recommendation or Project. With the exception of redacted recommendations and depending on your role, you should be able to review most of the information presented. Depending on your role, you can read through the details in our Job Aides on the Research PMO Portfolio.

The team holds educational events quarterly on topics related to project management and business analysis. Within those topics, we provide a general understating of project methodology such as waterfall and agile. Industry standards drive the framework we use for our projects and programs, but we also add comparisons and relevant examples related to the impact on research administration. You can sign up for our scheduled events. You can also request a private session for your team of 10-20 participants by sending us a project request.

Project Management is a temporary endeavor with unique objectives that can span from process improvements to system implementations or even new building constructions. The Project Management Institute (PMI) further defines a project as "… the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements."

The primary project tracking tool is Smartsheet. It's cloud-based and enables greater collaboration across the project teams.

A Project Manager manages the scope, budget, resources, communication, risk and time associated with the project. Working closely with the project sponsors and project team, the Project Manager is essentially responsible for the success or failure of the project.

Yes, the most common methods are Waterfall and Agile. The waterfall methodology is a sequential approach to managing a project, lasting months or years, beginning with initiation through delivery of objective. Agile is a more iterative approach, most common in application or web development projects, usually lasting for days or weeks, where the team delivers small pieces of the project objects over various cycles until full delivery.

Lean waterfall is the typical method we use when managing our projects. However, we will adjust the method based on the type of project and level of risk involved.

Scrum is an agile methodology focused on team dynamics and continuous delivery of system enhancements. In a Scrum environment, the team has predefined sprints and meet daily during the sprints to discuss progress. The goal is to have development, testing, acceptance and documentation completed during the sprints (usually 2 weeks).

We support process improvement, system implementations, request for proposals and advisory projects supporting research administration teams. With special consideration, we have also provided supplemental support to enterprise and research initiatives. Please contact us to discuss the opportunity you have.

It's best to contact us and let us work with you directly to understand your project, resource constraints, and other concerns. From there, we can provide a needs analysis to help you understand how we can support your goals.

Absolutely! We can assess the status of your project and what should be done get things back on track.


External Links to Industry Sites

The following are links to organizations that we find informative in the areas of Project Management, Business Analysis and Research Administration.