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Thomas Privette, PhD
Thomas Privette
Head, Global Business Development and External Partnering

Identifying research programs with unique commercial potential, and helping to create and support strategies to further develop, partner, or prepare these assets for commercialization (license or spin-out).



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Dr. Privette is an accomplished life science executive with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and management experience across research and development, patent licensing, and commercial lines of responsibility in both pharmaceutical and research and development settings. In various roles, he has demonstrated an ability to build organizational vision, strategy, and execute across divisions with C-suite, division heads, boards, and the financial community. Dr. Privette has particular expertise in leading drug development teams, business development and licensing, managing novel research projects, and implementing operating models for pharma and biotech companies. Additionally, Dr. Privette has broad preclinical and clinical therapeutic experience across all stages of the development continuum.

Education and Training

BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chemistry, Psychology), 1985

PhD, East Carolina University School of Medicine (Cell Biology and Neuroscience), 1994

Titles and Academic Titles

Head, Global Business Development and External Partnering