Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation



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The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OEI) strives to create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation by identifying and elevating innovative solutions to problems facing pediatric medicine and healthcare, developing an innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge base, and forging strategic partnerships to serve our community. Through connections to other departments and OEI programming, OEI is the first stop for CHOP employees’ new ideas and innovative projects.

  • Identification and Elevation: OEI is stage and personnel agnostic, and it supports all CHOP employees
  • Knowledge Base: Regardless of business background, OEI prepares CHOP employees to innovate
  • Partnerships: OEI networks internally and externally to accelerate development of new ideas at CHOP.

OEI engages the entire CHOP community in the SPRINT Program, a bi-annual call for innovative healthcare ideas, concepts, or projects at any stage of development into real world applications. Ideas can take many forms including new devices, software solutions, therapies, tools, consumer products, or mobile apps. OEI evaluates the overall market potential, in conjunction with the Office of Technology Transfer, assesses the desire of the individual or team, and examines the current traction for the project. During this process, OEI works closely with its Innovation Council to provide additional insights into the various ideas.

Brilliant ideas can happen at any time, so the OEI also holds regular Office Hours twice a month as an open forum for aspiring CHOP innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs to discuss, strategize, and collaborate with OEI.