Neuromotor Performance Lab Team



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Laura A. Prosser

Laura A. Prosser, PhD


Dr. Prosser's research focuses are the development and rehabilitation of movement in children, particularly those with neurological impairments. This includes the investigation of the development of impaired movement, the study of novel motor rehabilitation interventions in children, and the interaction between the processes of neuroplasticity and neuromaturation in sensorimotor systems.

Laura Prosser, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Ann Tokay Harrington, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS
Research Scientist

Sally Evans, MD
Chief, Rehabilitation Medical Medical Director

Elliot Greenberg PT, DPT, PhD, OCS
Physical Therapist/Research Scientist

Sam Pierce, PT, PhD, NCS
Research Physical Therapist

Tracy Kornafel, PT, DPT, PCS
Physical Therapist

Julie Skorup, PT, DPT, PCS 
Physical Therapist

Morgan M. Alcott, PT, DPT, PCS
Physical Therapist

Valentina Graci, PhD
Research Scientist I