Lynch Lab for Novel Biomedical Optics Research Overview



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In conjunction with other investigators from the CHOP Biomedical Optical Group, we are working towards the development of novel neuromonitoring devices for improved neuroprotection during pediatric cardiac surgery. We are currently using these devices to understand the optimal cerebral protection strategies during neonatal arch reconstruction.

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Novel, noninvasive modalities of measuring cerebral oxygen delivery and utilization have helped shed light on the unique changes in cerebral physiology that occur in neonates with critical congenital heart disease. Through these investigations, we now have a better understanding on why waiting longer for neonatal cardiac surgery may increase risk for neurologic injury in certain forms of congenital heart disease and, more importantly, what potential therapies may decrease this risk.

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Our work over the past decade has led to the crucial understanding that the time period between birth and cardiac intervention in neonates with certain forms of critical congenital heart disease may be when these patients are most vulnerable to neurologic injury.

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