Global Pediatric Radiology Outreach and Education Program Research Overview



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In collaboration with our partners from all over the world, the Global Pediatric Radiology Outreach and Education Program provides mentorship, training, and education services to share expert knowledge and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Below are examples of how the program strives to improve radiology practices worldwide.

In our flagship educational endeavor at Tikur Anbessa Hospital Department of Radiology and in collaboration with Addis Ababa University, the Radiological Society of Ethiopia, and the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging, we have supported radiology training in Ethiopia for more than 10 years, providing high-quality pediatric radiology education during residency, dedicated pediatric radiology fellowship, and postgraduate continuing medical education. From imaging education for pediatric residents with limited access to pediatric imaging experts to advanced refresher courses for practicing pediatric radiologists, our program is committed to sharing knowledge and facilitating the exchange of ideas. For more information about our work in Ethiopia, visit Pediatric Outreach in Ethiopia.

More recently, our department formalized our bilateral commitment with the Hospital Garrahan (Hospital de Pediatría S.A.M.I.C. "Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan") in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which includes a joint pediatric imaging course every other year for radiologists and trainees in the region.

Our team also teaches under the umbrella of RAD-AID International, Health4theworld, CHOP's Open Medical Institute partnership, World Federation of Pediatric Imaging, and other societies conducting educational programs virtually and in-person around the globe.

Our program provides research training and support to international colleagues beyond direct research involvement for projects such as multinational trials on multimodality tuberculosis diagnosis in children, brain ultrasound for HIV-exposed infants in Botswana, and validation of AI technologies in South Africa. Through collaborative initiatives with the Sociedad Latino Americana de Radiologia Pediatrica and the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging, we are providing research mentorship and support to increase the representation of international colleagues in scientific meetings and academic publications.

Along with the University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiology, we co-organize a semiannual Global Health Imaging Case Competition for trainees in low- and middle-income countries. The event is an opportunity to showcase high quality and innovative imaging use in other countries, connect trainees to the global academic community, and mentor trainees on scientific presentations.

CHOP radiology faculty provide expertise as international visiting faculty and through teleradiology platforms with the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging and Doctors Without Borders. These platforms allow our experts to connect with providers from around the globe for primary interpretation of images and second opinions.

Our international observers' program has hosted visitors from Australia, Canada, Colombia, England, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Peru. The visitors participate in all the activities at our main campus, learning new concepts and techniques to implement in their home institutions. Some of these visitors are directly sponsored by the department through the Dr. Soroosh Mahboubi International Visiting Scholar Fund and the Endowment for Pediatric Radiology Global Outreach.

Since 2018, in collaboration with the Pan-American Health Organization and RAD-AID International, CHOP faculty have supported training in radiology quality improvement, quality assurance (QA), and quality control (QC) methods in resource-limited areas around the world with multiple hands-on and virtual sessions. These workshops have led to the establishment of local and regional quality programs with emphasis in standardization of radiography protocols, CT dose reduction, and the development of country-specific QA/QC manuals.

"The Global Pediatric Radiology Outreach and Education Research Fellowship goes to show that the vision of CHOP extends beyond borders. What drew my attention to CHOP is the importance placed on inclusivity. CHOP is among the top facilities in the forefront of clinical service, research, and education. Being part of a global team is an exceptional experience because it has allowed me to grow academically and reach further. CHOP is a place with many resources and home to a number of great mentors who go above and beyond to teach, guide, and support. I am grateful to be here."

Hermon Miliard Derbew
Hermon Miliard Derbew, MD

- Hermon Miliard Derbew, MD

Global Pediatric Radiology Outreach and Education Research Fellow 2021-2023