Center for Single Cell Biology



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The CSCB provides a unified research infrastructure for the single-cell research community at CHOP, driving scientific discovery and advancement of pediatric patient care by harnessing the power of single-cell technologies. These cutting-edge technologies enable us to generate single-cell-resolution data from hundreds to many thousands of cells isolated from normal and/or diseased tissues across space and time. These multi-omic measurements can be integrated to build phenotypic maps that span subcellular, cellular, and tissue and system scales, which can allow for detailed cell-specific functional observations to pinpoint the perturbations caused by diseases.

The CSCB will also help CHOP researchers perform basic, translational, and clinical research on how genetics and environment affect biological function at the single cell level, and how these changes manifest into diseases at the whole body level.

CSCB’s Scientific Program and Service Core bring together a core group of faculty members who develop and use single-cell technologies as a major approach in their basic and translational research, as well as provide access to state-of-art single-cell assays at CHOP and the wider research community.

The current research program focuses on the following three areas:

  • Developments of innovative single-cell technologies
  • Pediatric cancer
  • Development biology and disorders

Kai Tan, PhD


Deanne M. Taylor, PhD