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Expertise Knowledge Platform Takes Networking to Next Level

Published on November 1, 2023 in Announcements · Last updated 8 months 1 week ago


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One of CHOP's standout strengths is the broad expertise among our research scientists and clinical researchers. But it can be a challenge to advance your professional development and innovative efforts to advance pediatric medicine. Now you have an easy-to-access tool to tap into that wealth of knowledge: the Expertise Knowledge Platform (EKP).

In such a large and dynamic organization, the EKP can run queries with specific key terms to identify people at CHOP with critical expertise who could serve as mentors, research collaborators, and advisors to help an idea move further faster. The EKP user interface is similar to a PubMed query.

The current version of EKP integrates data from NIHReporter and PubMed to facilitate expertise and resource finding, increase employee engagement, bridge internal silos, and create a culture of inclusion. Ultimately, the Innovation Ecosystem and Tsui Lab plan to integrate additional data from various public, proprietary, and CHOP internal sources into EKP.

EKP's development has been sponsored by the NSF I-CORP and the NSF RAPID grant.
Learn more details, watch a user guide video, find answers to FAQs, and log in to EKP by visiting the EKP Application page.