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ISPE Award Video

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This video is courtesy of Ballinger, architect and engineer of the project.


00:00 [Music]

00:02 Beverly Davidson

The Clinical Vector Core also called the CVC is where drugs to treat human patients, children, actually happens.

00:14 Han van der Loo

We're highly passionate about what we do, and so to have a facility that fits what we do like a glove, it's really wonderful. 

00:21 Dennis Potter

For us, it was getting me to feel like partners with Han very early in the process and just making sure through every step of the way we solve all the problems.

00:31 Han van der Loo

One of the things we talked about was quality by design.

00:33 Olga Zelenaia

The process was the major focus, and the small team was the focus of the design. We designed it to eliminate possible mistakes. 

00:46 Joshua Levy

This meshing of architecture and engineering, it had to be perfect.

00:49 Han van der Loo

What's special about it is that we were able to fit it within the academic center, we're smack in the middle of the medical campus. You see the kids going into the hospital and I think that puts an extra dimension on, on the location.

01:02 Beverly Davidson

The beauty of having it on site in this way the scientists within the Clinical Vector Core are embedded in the fabric of the Gene and Cell Therapy community at CHOP.

01:10 Dennis Potter

The challenge here is more of having limited space and infrastructure but maximize the cleanliness of the spaces. Being able to keep an iso 7 background.

01:21 Han van der Loo

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and clean rooms, it's a very protected environment but it doesn't work if you don't have windows and it's all closed doors.

01:28 Joshua Levy

It was really about how you make this environment one where people feel comfortable.

01:21 Han van der Loo

We needed high ceilings, lines of sight, visibility, we need a glass, we need a window, to enhance that experience. It needs to be fun to work there too.

01:44 Olga Zelenaia

Our team is very small people come from different professions: engineers, chemists, biologists. This is our mission, this is our passion, we want to help people.

01:56 Han van der Loo

And especially in the area where there's patient groups for diseases that are rare, or even ultra-rare and we are proud to be able to work on protocols like that. 

02:06 Beverly Davidson

We were involved from the very beginning in products that are treating patients and in no small part was the clinical manufacturing facility not a key player in that.

02:19 Dennis Potter

I think the ability to do multiple different kinds of science in a space and maximize its usage, allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility going forward.

02:26 Joshua Levy

It really was this new model for how the world has to look at facilities like this.

02:33 Han van der Loo

Looking back, the designers, their construction company, our team internally, we had an incredible experience and I think it is all about communication and all about sharing the passion.