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Multiple Sclerosis

Published on
Jun 2, 2022
CHOP and Penn researchers discussed the latest findings about the mechanisms of immunity at the CHOP Research Institute 2022 Scientific Symposium.

The purpose of this research study is to determine methods that will better determine whether someone has MS and to develop ways to measure the disease.

In advancing intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) research for more than 29 years, the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) wholeheartedly embraces today’s novel concepts and technologies to discover the causes of IDD and uses this knowledge to improve outcomes for affected people.

The Grinspan Lab focuses on oligodendrocytes, cells of the central nervous system that synthesize the myelin sheath required for transmission of nervous impulses. Failure of myelination results in motor and cognitive deficits.

A clinician-investigator and chief of the Division Neurology, Dr.Banwell's research interests center on multiple sclerosis onset during childhood and its impact.

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Published on
May 18, 2018
This week in the news, research from the Cardiac Center and the Division of Urology make headlines for children's health.
Published on
Jan 31, 2017
The Research Institute's commitment to cultivating and producing strong scientific research is grounded in the diverse mix of experiences, talents, and perspectives that our researchers contribute to our success.

"Diversity has long been a key driver of achievement at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Research Institute, particularly when it comes to innovation and performing more accurate and inclusive research," wrote Bryan
Published on
Mar 5, 2013
At a recent event in Cherry Hill, N.J., longtime CHOP researcher Judith Grinspan, PhD, received the "Professional Impact Award" from the Greater Delaware Valley Multiple Sclerosis Society. Dr. Grinspan has spent more than 25 years examining how multiple sclerosis damages the nervous system,