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Participant Research Card (PRC) Program


The Clinical Trials Financial Management (CTFM) Research Registration and Charge Review team oversees the PRC program and provides reloadable debit cards to study teams to compensate and/or reimburse research participants for study participation.

PRC [at] (Request Participant Research Card)

PRC cards can be requested online via the CTFM PRC Program page.

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No. The PRC program is an optional compensation/reimbursement program created for study teams, and provides teams with a system for ensuring compliant payment to participants. Participants may also be compensated or reimbursed for their participation via gift cards, money or gifts. Please see the Specialized Accounting SOP regarding Payments to Human Subjects Policy for more information.

PRC program requirements and additional information can be found under the following SOPS:

No. PRC cards are to be used strictly for compensating research participants and/or reimbursing them for travel expenses.

All research participants who are compensated $600 or more per calendar year via the PRC Program or any other compensation methods (gift cards, cash, gifts,etc) must submit a W-9 form to CHOP’s Accounts Payable Shared Service Center (Lisa Schule via and then properly destroy the W-9 hardcopy. Reimbursements are not taxable in any amount and payments must be paid for the actual expense incurred. Reimbursements via the PRC Program will require receipts to be uploaded into the system.