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Investigational Product Prescribing and Dispensing

Published on Jul 03, 2019 · Last Updated 2 years 1 month ago


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At time of startup, the clinical research pharmacist assigned to set up your trial will discuss EPIC ordering procedures with you and, if not done already, may recommend that you file a request for a study-specific order set to facilitate order placement via EPIC CPOE. Ordering job aids are available on @CHOP to assist study teams with order placement. When possible, prescriptions for outpatient use should be submitted in advance of date needed. If the prescription cannot be submitted in advance for weight-based dosing or randomization purposes, IDS requires at least one hour to process prescriptions and dispense supplies. Additional time may be necessary for studies that involves complex dispensing and preparation procedures. The research pharmacist assigned to your study will discuss timelines for prescription processing and dispensing during the SIV or startup visit.

Products stored and dispensed by IDS or CHOP inpatient pharmacy staff are prepared and labeled in compliance with the protocol as well as all applicable institutional, local, and federal regulations (e.g. CFR, FDA, PA State BOP) and accrediting bodies (e.g. Joint Commission).