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Grant Proposal Success Program

Published on Sep 24, 2019 · Last Updated 4 weeks ago


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Our programs, branded as Grant Proposal Success (GPS), drive success and guides members to develop a compelling proposal by providing a unique structure, from conceptualization of scientific idea to grant proposal submission. Our model of regular attendance, ongoing peer review, and writing-group accountability is adaptable to any scientific discipline. We teach advanced grant-writing skills that scientists can use throughout their careers including: leveraging each grant section to maximize funding, development of realistic timelines, concepts used in peer review, and cascading mentorship. We support diversity in learning styles by empowering each review group to adapt the model to best suit their needs.

We run annual workshop-based instruction targeted to trainees submitting Individual Fellowships, Career Development Awards, or equivalent foundation awards. This is best for trainees who are ready to write their proposal, and like working in an interactive format. Participation in this 5-month training program is competitive, look for application announcements through e-mail blasts, electronic signage, and through CHOP communications. We provide instruction in development of your Specific Aims, Biosketch, Career Development Plan, Research Strategy, and eSPA. We focus heavily on proposal review. You will review drafts with your mentor monthly, receive feedback from our faculty-member facilitator, and conduct peer-to-peer review in between each session. You are expected to submit a proposal following conclusion of this series. Our series culminates with a Mock Study Section, set up like an NIH Review Panel, and an informal, discussion-based review of each proposal.

In this individualized format, we provide targeted mentorship in Career Development Award preparation and submission for trainees who are closer to submission, desire an independent writing process, and have near-complete proposal drafts. We start with a faculty-led consultation where we guide you to recruit a balanced panel of faculty for your review. Your individualized review panel will provide in-depth feedback during two one-hour sessions. Ongoing mentorship following submission is highly encouraged. This model is best for trainees who are submitting their proposal within 2-3 months and are seeking writing independence. 

We facilitate several peer review groups with the goals of regular meetings, group-writing, generation of scientific ideas, and fostering a sense of community among participants. Some groups are broad and diverse, while others are topic-driven. Our GPS groups are flexible and diverse, reach out to us with help determining which GPS group might be the best fit for you or if you are interested in leading a GPS group in your area. 

Current Peer-to-Peer GPS Review Groups

  • Scientific area GPS Groups:
    • Cancer
    • Microbiology
    • Clinical Science
    • Neuroscience
    • Pathology
  • Career Stage GPS Groups:
    • Richards Society GPS for tenure-track faculty
    • Early-Stage Investigator