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Respublica - High Performance Compute Cluster Help Guide

Published on February 4, 2023 · Last updated 4 months 2 weeks ago


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Find detailed instructions on Respublica - High Performance Compute Cluster.

Service: Request Access to the Respublica HPC

Requisites: Cost Center and Activity

Step 1

Connect to and click "Cirrus Log In"


Step 2

At the Login prompt, enter your CHOP username, click "Remember this setting" and Click "Next"

Enter Username

Step 3

Enter your CHOP Password and Click the "Sign in" button

Enter Password

Step 4

Click on Catalog tab (It should be the default when first log in), also you are able to see any virtual machines resources were deployed in our virtualization environment

View Catalog

Step 5

In the Search for Catalog Items field, "Respublica" and Choose "Respublica Access Request"

Search for Respublica

Or Click to Apply Filter and Select "Research Resource Services" catalog item in the left navigation pane

Search for Respublica

Step 6

Please choose the search cost center tab as show below.

Under the Cost Center Information tab, please search and choose your Cost Center and Grant ID. You can search the field by grant owner or grant number or cost center number

Add Cost Center or Grant Information

Select grant field going to populate accordingly. Please choose your grant from the drop down menu

Enter Grant Information

Step 7

Please Choose the Respublica Information tab

Choose Respublica Information Tab

If this is an on behalf of request please check the box "On Behalf" otherwise just leave it empty.

Enter CHOP user first name or last name and choose the user from the pop-up menu. If you need to add other users, please click the x icon to remove the name typed and type another user first or last name then choose the new user to add to the list - as per the screenshot below.

Request for Self or Others

Request for Self or Others

Request for Self or Others

Request for Self or Others

If this is your personal request, leave the check box empty

Request for Self or Others

Step 8

Leave a comment for the approver

Leave Comment

Step 9

Click "Submit" to finish

Click Submit


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