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The PPDC organizational structure includes a clinical and scientific advisory committee composed of pediatric specialists and engineers from participating institutions who provide assistance for PPDC projects. The oversight committee of the PPDC is composed of business executives and investors who are responsible for providing commercial support and final approval of all funding to consortium projects.

The PPDC leadership includes Robert Levy, MD, principal investigator, chair of the clinical and scientific advisory committee, and professor of Pediatrics, CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania; Stanley Stachelek, PhD, co-investigator, and research associate professor, CHOP; Shahram Hejazi, PhD, chair of the oversight committee, and partner, BioAdvance; and William Wagner, PhD, co-chair of the clinical and scientific advisory committee, and director and professor, the McGowan Institute, University of Pittsburgh.

Robert J. Levy Headshot

Robert J. Levy, MD

Director, Cardiology Research

Dr. Levy is the director of Cardiology Research, and also serves as program director of the Cardiology National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Research Training Grant. His research interests are the pathophysiology of biomaterials used in medicine, basic mechanisms and novel therapies for heart valve disease, arterial angioplasty, local drug delivery, and nanomedicine. He also has experience over three decades in medical device development.