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Laith Sultan, MD, MPH
Laith Sultan
Research Scientist in Ultrasound Imaging

Dr. Sultan is a physician and scientist with a focus on advanced ultrasound imaging techniques.



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As a result of years of work as a researcher in the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Sultan developed a unique and insightful understanding of the need to integrate basic research with clinical application and to have a close grasp of advanced technological future research. His medical background gave him a more comprehensive knowledge, both theoretical and perceptual of disease.

During his time as a researcher at University of Pennsylvania, he investigated novel and robust contrast agents for diagnostic and therapeutic application. He also studied and developed computerized image algorithms, feature extraction, and machine learning methods for improving disease detection using ultrasound imaging.

Dr. Sultan's focus is on preclinical and clinical research studies. His research achievements include the publication of several original research papers, patents, and conference abstracts in using contrast enhanced ultrasound for improving HCC and liver disease visualization as well as computerized quantitative diagnostic ultrasound in significant health issues including breast and thyroid cancer diagnosis, liver disease, cardiovascular diseases, and tumor differentiation. In addition to diagnostic ultrasound, his work investigates the potential role of ultrasound in cancer therapy.

Dr. Sultan received his MD degree Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad, Iraq and completed radiology training with focus on ultrasound imaging at Royal Medical Services in Amman-Jordan. He then completed a research fellowship in ultrasound imaging at Penn and obtained a Master's of Public Health with a focus on global health and informatics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health.