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Jill P. Ginsberg, MD
Jill P. Ginsberg
Director, Cancer Survivorship Program

Dr. Ginsberg serves as director of the Cancer Survivorship Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has a robust research program on survivorship and fertility preservation for cancer patients.



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Dr. Ginsberg leads a research team that has developed fertility preservation options for children who may experience impaired fertility or fertility loss after cancer chemotherapy or radiation. The goal of her research is to offer families fertility preservation options so reproductive choices are available to children after cancer treatment.

Along with her colleagues, Dr. Ginsberg offers families of children with cancer fertility preservation options that range from sperm banking and egg freezing to ovarian and testicular tissue freezing. Ovarian and testicular tissue freezing are experimental protocols that are currently being studied as an alternative to traditional sperm and egg banking.

Education and Training

BS, Cornell University (Biology), 1988

MD, Cornell University Medical College, 1992

Titles and Academic Titles

Director, Cancer Survivorship Program

Attending Physician

Professor of Pediatrics

Professional Memberships

Society for Pediatric Research, 2011-

Professional Awards

Ethel Foerderer Award, 2007

Fertile Hope Center of Excellence Award, 2009

Publication Highlights

Ginsberg JP, Li Y, Carlson CA, Gracia CR, Hobbie WL, Miller V, Shnorhavorian M, Mulhal, J, Brinster RL, Kolon TF. Testicular tissue cryopreservation in prepubertal boys: An analysis of parental decision-making. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2019 Jan; 61:1673–1678, 2014. PMC4676076
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