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James Massey, RN, BSN, MBA
James Massey, RN, BSN, MBA
Administrative Director

James Massey provides operational oversight of the Pediatrics Research Consortium (PeRC), including administrative and financial planning for future research projects that use the practice-based research network.



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The Pediatrics Research Consortium (PeRC) is an extensive practice-based research network that currently spans 31 practices, two states, 205 physicians, and 41 nurse practitioners who have published about 200 peer-reviewed accepted published manuscripts over the last decade or so.

In his role as PeRC director, James Massey works closely with many of the investigative teams and informatics support personnel to develop grant applications, electronic charting tools, and comprehensive data reports. In addition, he serves as a critical liaison between the primary care practices and clinical researchers.

Massey has clinical nursing experience in both inpatient and outpatient arenas and has successfully facilitated numerous clinical research trials with industry and government sponsors at Children’s Hospital. He also partners with PeRC’s Parent Advisory Board to provide meaningful input to guide implementation of PeRC’s portfolio of research studies.

Education and Training

BS, West Chester University (Nursing), 2007

MBA, DeSales University, 2011

Titles and Academic Titles

PeRC Network Director