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Inaugural Youth Health Equity Summit: Join the Movement



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Jun 14, 2021 ‐ 4:00 pm
End Date/Time-NEW
Location - People View
Conference Room 1120A

2716 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States

CHOP'S Adolescent Initiative is pioneering an inaugural Youth Health Equity Summit. As health disparities have come to increasing awareness, particularly amidst the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, health equity has become a mainstream topic of discussion. However, the conversations and advocacy surrounding health inequity often happens about youth, but not with youth. We believe that young people should be included in these conversations and have the ability to serve as leaders in the movement for health equity in Philadelphia and beyond.

Our event aims to educate youth about the basics of health equity, provide specific education surrounding health equity in Philadelphia and related to young people in particular, as well as how young people can be involved and/or champion health equity moving forward.

We will provide two pre-recorded videos for participants to watch beforehand, each between 5-10 minutes. One video, featuring three CHOP Policy Lab colleagues working in health equity, will serve as a Health Equity 101 module. The second video, featuring medical professionals doing work on health equity, will seek to provide education and awareness about health equity in PHL and surrounding areas as well as health equity specific to young people.

At the event, we will have a combination of small and large group discussions and working groups with a keynote speaker integrated into the event and helping to facilitate these conversations. The speaker is still waiting to be confirmed, but it will likely be a physician from the Black Doctor's Consortium.