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DBHi Presents: Informatics Talks with Jeff Gold, MD



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May 18, 2023 ‐ 12:00 pm
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Virtual Webinar

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Informatics Talks: The Central Role of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Supporting Diagnostic Process


Jeff Gold, MD

Professor of Medicine,

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine,

Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology,

Oregon Health & Science University

About the talk:

Dr. Jeff Gold’s research focuses on the central role of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in supporting the diagnostic process. He explores EHR suboptimal design, clinician use, and the impact on diagnostic error, including errors of execution, ordering, data interpretation, documentation, communication, and more.

About Dr. Jeff Gold:

Dr. Gold began his training and career at NYU Medical School followed by Columbia Presbyterian for residency. He returned to NYU for fellowship in Pulmonary Critical Care. Dr. Gold joined the faculty at NYU as a translational researcher in sepsis and septic shock. While serving in the role, Dr. Gold also served as Director for Critical Care services for Bellevue hospital. He was recruited to OHSU in 2005 where he received a number of grants focus on the host immune response in sepsis, pneumonia, and cystic fibrosis.

In 2011, Dr. Gold’s research focus shifted toward understanding the usability of EHRs in the ICU, specifically focused on the ability to use simulated patient charts to create high-fidelity EHR training exercises as well as provide a test bed to objectively assess usability of the EHR. He has numerous publications on this topic and has received grants from AHRQ to conduct this research. Recently, Dr. Gold expanded this work to include understanding how all members of the interprofessional team (nurses, pharmacists, etc.) interact with the EHR during ICU rounds, including using EHR based simulation for training of medical scribes.

Dr. Gold currently is a Professor of Medicine at Oregon Health & Sciences University. He has held numerous administrative positions including program director for OHSU’s Pulmonary Critical Care and Critical Care fellowships (2010-2017) and Director of Simulation for OHSU (2012-2018). Dr Gold currently serves as Vice Chair for Quality and Safety for the Department of Medicine, serves as the Director for the OHSU Health Disparities Reduction Core and Director for Advanced EHR Training and Evaluation. With these roles, Dr. Gold is integrating patient safety, EHR usability, training, and equity into a Learning Health System ecosystem at OHSU.