Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine



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The research mission of the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine is to develop new knowledge, diagnostics, and therapeutics that improve the care of children with critical illnesses, painful conditions, and those undergoing anesthesia-sedation, and to develop academic careers of faculty and trainees in pediatric anesthesiology and critical care medicine.

The Department conducts laboratory, translational, and clinical research that is broadly related to pediatric perioperative medicine and critical care, including acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, airway management, lung injury, sepsis and inflammation, acute neurological conditions, acute and chronic pain conditions, pharmacology and pharmacogenetics, medical technologies, and safety/quality.

These efforts are organized into 13 research programs, with groups of investigators and their teams working together to discover biologic or pathophysiologic mechanisms in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Members in each program include faculty, fellows, staff, technicians, coordinators, and students. Of the 125 departmental faculty, nearly 40 percent are members of one of these research programs. In addition, there are 50 clinical research coordinators, programmers, data analysts, research technicians, and business managers in the programs.

During the past academic year, members of these programs:

  • held 90 active grants totaling $6 million (annual direct costs)
  • submitted 75 new grant applications
  • authored 120 peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • delivered 210 presentations as visiting professors or invited speakers at national and international conferences

A departmental research council, comprised of junior and senior faculty members and chaired by the director for Research, develops strategies to build outstanding and fiscally sound research programs and oversees the performance of these programs.