Concussion Assessment Research Education Consortium Longitudinal Study



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The Concussion Assessment Research Education (CARE) Consortium Longitudinal Study is a collaboration between the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Department of Defense. It is a multi-tiered, multi-institution/investigator research consortium, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia serves as a CARE study site in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. The Longitudinal Clinical Study Core is led by the University of Michigan to assess the natural history of concussion. CHOP’s cohort study will enroll and conduct baseline assessments on Penn varsity student-athletes. Individuals who experience concussion(s) will complete immediate post-concussion and follow-up assessments. The primary objective of this concussion assessment research is to conduct a prospective, longitudinal, multi-sport, cohort study that delineates the natural history of concussion in both men and women by incorporating a multi-dimensional assessment of standardized clinical measures of post-concussive symptomatology, performance-based testing (e.g., cognitive function, postural stability), and psychological health. 

Research Project Highlights:

Beginning September 2016, approximately 1,000 varsity student-athletes and cheerleaders from Penn Athletics were invited to participate at the beginning of their competitive sport season. The larger study, the NCAA-DoD Grand Alliance: CARE Consortium project, plans to enroll and follow an estimated 25,000 male and female student-athletes and service academy cadets over a three-year study period. There are currently 30 institutions in the consortium, and data from all the performance sites will be aggregated as part of the larger project.