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eResearch is an electronic portal that provides access to modules including eIRB, eCHPS, ePeRC, eSPA, eCOI, eIACUC, eIBC, eAgreements, eTRACK, and eSIFTER.

eResearch minimizes investigator time spent on administrative tasks related to research by streamlining research administration business processes, enhancing compliance, and improving service.

Log in to eResearch

You must first request access to eResearch.

Once your request is approved, you can access any of the eResearch modules by choosing the module from the list of related applications below.

Logging into any eResearch module grants access to all eResearch modules.

RISUGS Recording: eResearch 2023

Log in to view the recorded webinar hosted by RIS Application Services Manager, David Schlich, as he provides a general overview, demonstrations, and the future direction of eResearch at the Research Institute.

Request Access to eResearch

In order to access eResearch:

  • You must have an Active Directory (AD) account at CHOP
  • Request access to eResearch using the Access Request Form

To check if an eResearch account already exists, please use the "Request Account" option in the eResearch Account Request Form.

Check Account Request Status

To check the status of your account request, please contact [email protected].