Arcus Team



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The Arcus team works with biomedical researchers to conduct highly innovative, data-driven, computationally complex, and reproducible research.


Angela Agunloye
Informatics Analyst
agunloyea [at] (agunloyea[at]chop[dot]edu)

Harmon Amakobe
Project Manager
amakobeh [at] (amakobeh[at]chop[dot]edu)

Greg Barren, MS
Information Analyst
barreng [at] (barreng[at]chop[dot]edu)

Surendra Babu Buddi, MHI
Data Integration Analyst
buddis [at] (buddis[at]chop[dot]edu)

Ene Belleh, MLIS, MBA
Supervisor, Library Science
bellehe [at] (bellehe[at]chop[dot]edu)

Shivani Kamath Belman
Bioinformatics Engineer
belmans [at] (belmans[at]chop[dot]edu)

Byron Biney
RIA Programmer
bineyb [at] (bineyb[at]chop[dot]edu)

Michael Campagna, MS
Data Scientist
campagnams [at] (campagnams[at]chop[dot]edu)

Marianne Chilutti, MS
Director, Library, Education and Data Services
chiluttim [at] (chiluttim[at]chop[dot]edu)

Maryam Daniali, PhD
Data Scientist
danialim [at] (danialim[at]chop[dot]edu)

Patrick DiBussolo
BioInformatics Engineer
dibussolop [at] (dibussolop[at]chop[dot]edu)

Elizabeth Drellich, PhD
Data Instructional Specialist 
drelliche [at] (drelliche[at]chop[dot]edu)

Nicholas DuPree
Research Platform Engineer 
dupreen [at] (dupreen[at]chop[dot]edu)

Magrielle Eisen, MSLP, MSS
Informatics Program Manager
eisenm [at] (eisenm[at]chop[dot]edu)

Nicole Feldman, MSIS
Digital Archivist
feldmanna [at] (feldmanna[at]chop[dot]edu)

William Flynn, MPH
Manager, Data Management & Reporting
flynnw [at] (flynnw[at]chop[dot]edu)

Rose Franzen
Data Instructional Specialist
franzenr [at] (franzenr[at]chop[dot]edu)

Colleen Gaynor
Research UX Specialist
gaynorc [at] (gaynorc[at]chop[dot]edu)

Cherise Green
Data Integration Analyst
greenc10 [at] (greenc10[at]chop[dot]edu)

Scott Haag, PhD
Supervisor, Applied Data Science
haags [at] (haags[at]chop[dot]edu)

Rose Hartman, PhD
Data Instructional Specialist 
hartmanr1 [at] (hartmanr1[at]chop[dot]edu)

Stephanie Huang
Research Informatics Analyst/Programmer
huangs4 [at] (huangs4[at]chop[dot]edu)

Meredith Lee
Data Instructional Specialist
leemc [at] (leemc[at]chop[dot]edu)

Jennae Luecke, MSLS
Data Discovery and Catalog Librarian
lueckej [at] (lueckej[at]chop[dot]edu)

Ayan Malakar, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist
malakara [at] (malakara[at]chop[dot]edu)

Jeffrey Miller, MAS
Director, Scientific Research Applications and Engineering
millerjm1 [at] (millerjm1[at]chop[dot]edu)

Kevin Murphy
Supervisor, Applications Research
murphyke [at] (murphyke[at]chop[dot]edu)

Matthew Newman
newmanm2 [at] (newmanm2[at]chop[dot]edu)

Justin O’Leary
Principal Information Security Specialist
olearyj1 [at] (olearyj1[at]chop[dot]edu)

Allison Olsen, MSc, MA
Digital Archivist 
olsenar [at] (olsenar[at]chop[dot]edu)

Matthew Owens, MS
Research Informatics Analyst/Programmer
owensm2 [at] (owensm2[at]chop[dot]edu)

Julianna Pakstis, MS
Metadata Librarian
pakstisj [at] (pakstisj[at]chop[dot]edu)

Joy Payton, MS
Supervisor of Data Education
paytonk [at] (paytonk[at]chop[dot]edu)

Eric Peterson
Data Integration Analyst 
petersone2 [at] (petersone2[at]chop[dot]edu)

Dipriya Pillai, MS
Data Scientist
pillaid [at] (pillaid[at]chop[dot]edu)

Negar Rafi, JD, MA
Privacy Data Analyst
rafin1 [at] (rafin1[at]chop[dot]edu)

Dianna Reuter, JD
Research Privacy Manager
reuterd [at] (reuterd[at]chop[dot]edu)

Hessam Shahriari, MSIS
Research Informatics Analyst/Programmer
shariarih [at] (shahriarih[at]chop[dot]edu)

Abinaya Srinivasan
BioInformatics Engineer 
srinivasa1 [at] (srinivasa1[at]chop[dot]edu)

William Struebing
Supervisor of Scientific Computing
struebingw [at] (struebingw[at]chop[dot]edu)

Peter Venuti, MS
Project Manager
venutip [at] (venutip[at]chop[dot]edu)

Madhuri Vihani
Data Scientist
vihanim [at] (vihanim[at]chop[dot]edu)

Hui (Kelsey) Zhu, MS
Bioinformatics Scientist
zhuh3 [at] (zhuh3[at]chop[dot]edu)


Ingo Helbig, MD
Scientific Director
[email protected]

Priya Vaidiswaran, MS
Arcus Omics Program Manager
[email protected]

Shiva Ganesan, MS
Bioinformatics Scientist
[email protected]

Laina Lusk, MMSc CGC
Licensed Genetic Counselor
[email protected]

Shridhar Parthasarathy, BA
Data Scientist
[email protected]

Manuel Torres Diz, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist II
[email protected]

Michael Xie, PhD
Supervisor Bioinformatics Scientist
[email protected]