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Translational Core Now Under Biorepository Resource Center

Published on August 10, 2020 in Announcements · Last Updated 4 months 2 weeks ago


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The Translational Core Lab (TCL) is operating under the auspices of the Biorepository Resource Center (BioRC) directed by David Stokes, PhD, effective immediately. Under Dr. Stokes’ guidance, the BioRC has grown to be a world-class repository of more than 250,000 samples.

The TCL provides laboratory testing and specimen processing services to support clinical research and animal studies. Dr. Stokes was the technical director of the TCL from 2007-2012. His major accomplishments in this role included the implementation of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for specimen tracking/barcoding for clinical research samples collected by CTRC (now CHPS). With guidance from Charles Stanley, MD, former TCL medical director, he also wrote an NIH S10 Instrumentation Grant that was awarded to establish Multiplex immunoassay capability, and he initiated clinical grade assays for research (hematology, chemistry, and immunoassays).

In 2012, Dr. Stokes was recruited to be the technical director of the newly established BioRC at CHOP. Dr. Stokes was involved in the strategic planning process for the Research Institute to determine the BioRC’s governance, access, and institutional goals. He helped to design and implement the LIMS system for biobank workflow tracking, specimen tracking, and specimen data capture in support of the Arcus initiative for data and specimen sharing across CHOP.

For BioRC general inquiries, scheduling, and for additional information on services please email For TCL general inquiries, pricing, or sample submission, please email