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Research Institute Shipping Core to Sunset at End of FY22

Published on May 20, 2021 in Announcements · Last Updated 4 months 3 weeks ago


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After thoughtful consideration and benchmarking with other organizations, we have decided to close the Research Institute Shipping Core effective June 30, 2022.
Beginning July 1, 2022, the Office of Research Safety will provide consultation services for basic shipping needs and some technical support for more complex services (e.g., import and export permits, international shipping guidance); however, all shipping activities (classification, packing, labeling, marking, and documentation preparation) will become the responsibility of each lab’s designated trained and certified shipper(s).
Throughout the transition, we will be working diligently with the research community to provide required shipping training. Each lab, research team, and center/program that ships biologicals (including DNA) and/or dry ice must have at least one dedicated trained and certified shipper; it is recommended to have at least two dedicated trained and certified shippers for each lab.
Please select dedicated shippers within your team as soon as possible, to ensure a smooth transition of shipping activities to your lab. Those individuals must complete Proper Transport of Infectious Substance shipping training, which covers biological and dry ice shipping, prior to June 2022. The Proper Transport of Infectious Substance shipping training schedule can be found here.
Once a lab team has trained and certified shippers, they can begin to ship independently of the Core. We will help troubleshoot issues as they arise.
If you anticipate the need to ship dangerous goods, such as chemicals, batteries, equipment with hidden dangerous goods, etc., please contact the Shipping Core as soon as possible, to help identify applicable training resources.
Instructions for dedicated shippers to set up a UPS CampusShip registration that is directly tied to a CHOP cost center or grant can be found on Supply Chain’s website.
We are in the process of developing additional procedures, resources, and guidelines to help support your shipping needs. Please contact the Research Institute Shipping Core by email if you have any questions: